Recruitment Automation

For Faster More Efficient Interviews

Save Time | Save Resources | Save Money | Streamline Job Interviews | Hire The Right Candidate

Video Interviews Made Easy

Our platform is simple & easy to use for both the candidate and the employer. Get more done in less time, save money & find the right people for the job more efficiently.

More Interviews at a time
Invite Candidates Efficiently Save More Time & Resources
Schedule and receive multiple video interviews at once which you can access at anytime using any device or escalate to others in your organization. Invite one or more applicants to attend an automated interview for one of your predefined job positions via email or SMS. Pre-define your interview questions, job positions & create an online database of potential candidates which you can access at anytime.

Other Key Benefits

Only meet with highly qualified candidates who fit the position

Hire the best candidates first with efficient, quick & effective processes

Save unfit candidates’ time & hassle by not bringing them in to a live interview

Streamline / automate the hiring process & reduce recruiting costs

Fast & efficient candidate consideration and short list process

Identify the gems out of the large pool without a large team of HR staff

Why Video Interviews?

Meeting with 3-5 candidates a day is time consuming and inefficient, but not holding enough interviews can lead to a rushed decision or delay the recruiting process. The process can take weeks or even months to complete when you need to go through countless CVs, contact applicants one by one and schedule in person interviews in order to find the right fit for the job.

Our platform streamlines the recruiting process by giving you access to technology capable of automating interviews saving you time, money and resources. This robust easy to use application was designed to give both employers and candidates an alternative to traditional interviewing which has proven to be inefficient for both parties. Our platform increases the chances of finding the right candidate(s) for the job and for future positions as well

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Seamless Navigation & Support

Our interface was designed to offer an effortless experience for both parties.

Rest assured that your candidates will be able to easily navigate through the application while receiving the utmost care & support if they run into any technical difficulties.

Our platform also makes it easy for employers to quickly navigate through the secure database, enter new candidates, new job positions as well as interviews in a hassle free online environment, all with the support & care of our team.

Our app supports all major operating systems & can be accessed using most devices.