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As a professional human resources team, we have helped companies for over 10 years with their recruitment; screening, interviewing and placing workers in teams. Having developed and a keen understanding of how the hiring processes work, and the struggles associated with it, we decided to take our skills a step further. We developed a software that would work along the lines of the foolproof processes we have developed. The result is this platform.

Through our effective streamlined hiring platform we have helped companies, organizations and recruiters search resumes, post jobs, and communicate with prospective employees, resulting in the most effective hires possible.

Our software eliminates the struggles that companies face in hiring the best talent. No more scheduling interviews, long wait times, time zone differences, meeting with unfit candidates or no shows - we understand that your time is precious and so is your candidates’. Our platform presents a seamless, quick and empowering hiring process – one that saves on cost, time and commute for all involved.

Now companies can involve all individuals that would have input in the hiring process by conveniently sharing the candidates’ video. We only need to allow all the members of the management team to view recorded video interviews and choose the candidates we feel are capable for the final round of interviews. Our platform is compatible with all the devices that companies and candidates may want to use.

These tools include mobile phones, tablets, and Web. Further, the software is compatible with all operating systems such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

We have been successful in bringing our vision to life, simplifying and shortening the recruitment process. And, most important, recruiters and managers are able to assess the talents and capabilities of each candidate thoroughly before welcoming them on board their company.

Our Vision:

Provide both companies and candidates a simple solution for streamlining the recruitment process. We will save companies valuable time and money by the use of our automated technology, eliminate the need for qualifying phone interviews and help recruiting departments provide better internal level of service. Venterview was developed so it's available on multi-platforms such as Web, mobile and tablet devices; Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

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