Our Features

Our platform is fully loaded with all the features you need for a smooth job interview. Take a look at some of the software specifications below.

Broadcast Positions to an Unlimited Number of Talented Resources

Our platform allows you to announce the open positions in your company to the talent you’re looking for. Not only can prospective clients view the requirements and consider putting in applications, they may also inform their friends, family, and acquaintances about open jobs. The result - you have the option to reach out to talent beyond the scope of the database you’ve compiled

Personalize Questions to Ask Prospective Candidates

Ask personalized questions to your candidates including automatic filter questions, multiple choice professional exam related questions with timed options, and specific questions for their verbal interview. You can create whatever relevant questions you like, but we’ve provided sample questions to help get you started.

Playback the Interview Multiple Times

You have the option of replaying each interview as many times as you need to. Or, even send it to team members who were not present at the time of the initial discussions. Having screened each candidate carefully, you can choose the ones you feel are best suited for the job

Save Time and Eliminate the Need for Traveling

Candidates save on both the time and expense of traveling to interview sites. Since travel time is eliminated, not only will you be able to interview more candidates, but also conduct higher quality interviews for each one. This reduces the time to hire from weeks to days!

Fixed time to answer questions

Candidates will receive a set of multiple choice questions that they must answer within a fixed time interval. They must answer each question before moving on to the next. If they are unable to present a response, they cannot go back to it. This feature mimics the actual interview process.

Personalized candidate reports

Once the candidate has completed the interview, you’ll receive a notification along with the results and final score.

View the Interview on Multiple Devices

You have the option to view the interview on devices such as your mobile phone, ipad, desktop and more. Think live video streaming on both iOS and Android devices.

Easy to use software

Each step is self-explanatory. You only need to choose options and hit the select button.

Contact our support Team at Any Time

Our support team is a touch of a button away. You can contact us with any questions you may have. We are also available to offer you any additional support you may need with the hiring process.

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